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Autonomous Start System


Immediately reduce operating costs and increase reliability of your fleet. Our easy to install, simple solution allows the engine to shut off while we monitor battery, engine temperature and air pressure conditions. When these conditions fall out of spec the ThermaStart will sound a warning and start the truck, running a warm-up and fast..

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Fuel Active

Floating Fuel Pick-up

FuelActive is a unique method of delivering 92% cleaner fuel to the engine by drawing fuel from just below the surface of the fuel tank. Standard diesel engines and storage units draw fuel from the bottom of the fuel tank where water, sediment, diesel bug and other contaminants settle. The unique and patented fuel..

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Fuel Catalysts

Rentar Fuel Catalysts

The Company’s core product is the Rentar® Fuel Catalyst (“RFC”), which aggressively conditions fuel through a series of complementary processes resulting in a more complete and cleaner burn at combustion. The Rentar technology works with any fossil fuel combustion process. Fundamentally rooted in “cracking fossil fuels”, a method of altering organic compounds with large..

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Engine Start Module

Ultra-Capacitor ESM Kits

The Skeleton ESM has the highest Power density on the market with 15+ year life expectancy. The ESM replaces batteries for engine starting. Never boost again, full power at -40C and auto-charging even from "dead batteries". Delivers a ton more power than batteries for starting. Increase battery, starter and alternator life. Restores balance to..

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Mining Heaters

Playford Heaters

The Playford mining heater has been the choice of OEM's for decades. Common to both Komatsu and Caterpillar Electric shovels and drills the Playford heater will be found in any mine operating in cool conditions. Rosco Mining Solutions is an exclusive distributor of the Playford heater to mines all over North America. We're happy..

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Small Cabin Filtration

RMS-100 Pressurizer and Filtration System

The RMS100 pressurizer and filtration system is the mine standard for quality. The 3 stage filter offers the highest level of operator protection. The variable speed 100 CFM system comes standard with intelligent controller to maintain a set pressure in the cab, therefore never introducing more air than necessary while also being able to..

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Large Cabin Filtration

RMS-200 Pressurizer and Filtration System

The RMS200 was made for shovels, drills, excavators and draglines. 3 stage filtration and mine proven reliability. Available in 24V, 115V or 230V. Quick and easy to install, the RMS200 replaces your original system with a simpler and higher performance solution. It can be easily adapted to cabs without current pressurization.

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Centrifugal Oil Filters

Glacier Centrifuges

The glacier centrifuge has been trusted by some of the worlds largest engine manufacturers as the ultimate in oil protection. We have several mining specific applications which extend the life of your oil, engines, pumps and components. Install once for life and enjoy the status of world-class asset management. The Centrifuge protects your engine..

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Magnetic Scrubbers

Glacier Magnetic Scrubbers

An awesome bolt on solution which drastically increases component life and prevents unnecessary wear. Maintenance is super easy, just remove the magnetic rod, wipe with a rag and you’re done. The magnets are so powerful that they pull both ferrous AND non-ferrous materials from the oils. They do not cause a restriction and therefore..

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HVAC Maintenance Training

Parts, Systems and Training

We are experts when it comes to air conditioning, heating and filtration of mobile mining equipment. From dozers to shovels HVAC maintenance is our specialty. Rosco is trusted to support several mines and large fleet operators with technician training, continuous improvement programs and custom hvac sytems.

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Air Starters

Air Starters

The ST1000 Series offers some of the highest torque at low pressure, delivering a superior reliability in starting. They are more resistant to corrosive and dirty air, require no soft-start valve and rebuild for a fraction of the cost of the competitor and less often. We will gladly help you set-up a system on..