RMS200 – 495HD


The system which comes standard on the Bucyrus has many high cost, long lead-time components requiring maintenance, It uses a compressed air system with logic board and solenoid to control a filter blow-out cycle which in effect introduces dirty air from the compressor into the system beyond the filter. Each system is equipped with dual Fans , a solenoid, compressed air filter, Air tank, logic board, capacitors and a hard to replace filter which does not protect against odours, VOC's and tends to collect moisture.

Inside the Cabin, the HVAC system ducting contains no filtration at all. Dirt and debris which accumulate inside the ducts remains there indefinately. The ducts are difficult to reach and the cleaning of these ducts in not a part of planned maintenance schedule. This means dust and contaminants brought in on boots, clothes and open doors & windows remain in the ducts often for years. The ducts themselves are restrictive and supply & return airflow and velocity are very low .