ESM 244 – 50L to 65L Engines

Project overview

The ESM is introduced on a Komatsu 930 to ensure reliable starting and also to eliminate battery failures.   With the highest power density available on the market, extreme long life and high cycle reliability it is a perfect solution for eliminating battery related issues and interventions.    The Skel-Start units occupy the same space as a group 31A Battery.  On the particular application shown it was decided to make a custom enclosure which we place behind the rear bumper where the original battery box  location, (Batteries were moved onto the bumper in a custom enclosure).   It would also have been possible to remove 4 batteries in lieu of the 4 ESM’s in the battery box but we did not want to make any changes to the OEM configuration until after the trial.

  • Project


    Eliminate severe battery loads and ensure reliable starting.

  • Solution


    ESM 244 System with 4700CCA's and starter lockout.

  • Status


    Successfully implemented into several fleets in North America



This particular system employed 10 Group 31A Batteries which were replaced on an annual planned basis. These batteries were prone to failure and off-gassing. This increased battery related incidents and explosion hazards. Batteries issues weren't necessary reflected in internal maintenance incidents as they are treated as a reactionary maintenance event which may or may not be logged or occur during maintenance.

No start and battery issues were also a deciding factor in testing the ESM's. As in any other operation boosting dead batteries is a common occurrence. A battery incident does not necessarily imply a battery failure, it is more often a forgotten master switch or battery run down during maintenance diagnostics. Boosting the electrical system is not conducive to long battery life or electrical system performance.


The ESM 244 System was installed behind the front bumper as it will rarely need to be accessed.    The ESM configuration provides 4700 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA’s) even at -40C compared to the battery configuration which provides CCA’s at C and approximately at -40C.

ill ensure starting power regardless of battery condition.   The