Magnetic Scrubbers


Features & Advantages

An awesome bolt on solution which drastically increases component life and prevents unnecessary wear. Maintenance is super easy, just remove the magnetic rod, wipe with a rag and you’re done. The magnets are so powerful that they pull both ferrous AND non-ferrous materials from the oils. They do not cause a restriction and therefore can even be placed in the suction side of a pump for protection. Work with high viscosity oils as well.


Glacier Magnets


In-Line Magnetic Scrubbers

project image

Solution: XG-Series in-line Magnetic Scrubbers - For Hydraulic, Engine or Coolant Circuits

Features: 3/4" to 2" NPTF Inlet/Outlet - Magnetic Rods with 100 to 540 lb Magnet Load Test

Equipment: Haul Trucks, Loaders, Dozers, Drills, Shovels

Fluids: Hydraulic, Engine & Gear lubes, Coolant