Fuel Catalysts


Features & Advantages

The Company’s core product is the Rentar® Fuel Catalyst (“RFC”), which aggressively conditions fuel through a series of complementary processes resulting in a more complete and cleaner burn at combustion. The Rentar technology works with any fossil fuel combustion process.

Fundamentally rooted in “cracking fossil fuels”, a method of altering organic compounds with large molecules, making them more useful compounds with smaller molecules. The RFC enables the clustered molecules in fuel to temporarily repel each other, allowing more surface area of the fuel molecules to be exposed to oxygen at the point of combustion.

The proprietary combination of rare earth elements contained in Rentar’s catalyst cause the saturated straight chain aliphatic (paraffin) molecules to convert into unsaturated ring compound aromatics which in turn releases a small amount of hydrogen. The hydrogen interacts with the dispersed fuel molecules to achieve a more complete combustion.


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RMS200 – Drills Kit

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Solution: RMS 200 Pressurizer & Filtration Unit

Features: Single 200 CFM 110VAC or 24VDC Unit

Equipment: P&H / Komatsu 120/320, Bucyrus/Cat 49HR